“Americans consume 80% of the entire global supply of painkillers.” (Gerald Celente)
Psychiatrist Paul McHugh: “Curt Shilling is of course correct with the science in saying that claiming to be a woman when you have the chromosomal and anatomical structures of a man does not make you such. You’re still a man no matter what you think or how you dress.”
The defenders of “science” sometimes are more interested in defending their own non-scientific agendas (and squelching dissent in a most unscientific way, as suggested by William McGurn yesterday in the Wall St. Journal):
  • On the abortion issue, a “fetus” is not an “unborn person,” unless, of course, a couple is happy about a pregnancy.
  • On the general theory of evolution, facts are facts… unless they are assumptions about the interpretation of data.
  • On climate change, McGurn suggests that “green enthusiasms can be used to push through a progressive economic and regulatory agenda.”
  • That “a man is a man” is “supported by DNA and those pesky X and Y chromosomes” (McGurn).
And this gem from yachting tycoon Larry Ellison: “Death has never made any sense to me.” Ah, this is another area where “scientific observation” at the end of existence will validate our faith.
— Mike Wilson