About a week before my first wife, Cheryl, passed away, she wrote five letters to her future grandchildren. I just delivered the fifth and final one following the birth of Anna Brooke Wineinger, who has her grandmother’s red hair. This letter was written six and a half years ago, and it reveals a window into Cheryl’s faith and character. This was her last letter…

To my 5th angel grandbaby, 

Can there really be five grandchildren? Yes, there are! I am happy that you are here. I bet you look like an angel. Your mother looked like an angel to me from the day she was born. Take a look at her baby pictures. 

There are a few things that I want to tell you about your parents. They are very good and they love God. They will tell you lots of things about God. You listen carefully and obey God with all your heart. You will make me very happy when you do this. 

I have prayed for you many times and I love you. I send lots of kisses with this card. 

Grandma Cheryl