As a gospel preacher and Christian, I have tried to stay clear of politics and focus on “kingdom” work. As another presidential election draws near, I had a recent conversation with a dear friend. It was frustrating, so I followed it up with this letter. These are my personal views. I certainly think that Christians have room for differing viewpoints, especially in a crazy political year like this. But here goes….

Dear ___________,
Maybe we shouldn’t have discussed it. When all is said and done, I believe that  a) Hillary Clinton will win the election; b) America is and has been in serious decline for some time; c) Americans are for the most part spiritually and morally degenerate, which blinds them to the impending judgment God will execute against this nation; d) voting in and of itself accomplishes very little when powerful forces are bent on the country going the wrong direction anyway; e) the thrust of our energies needs to be spiritual, not political; and f) ultimately God is in control, and we should pray for his will to be done. So the areas we have in common are far greater than the differences expressed last night. 
I also believe that an ego-centric, bombastic rascal like Trump would never have been in the running if he weren’t able to tap into the frustrations of millions of people regarding the direction the country is going. No Christian should endorse some of the ridiculous things he has said or done, just as no Christian should endorse the blatantly immoral and ungodly things Clinton has said and done. 
I have long refrained from political posturing, as it doesn’t serve the bigger picture of what I’m trying to do as a Christian and as a preacher. As I get older, however, I have become increasingly frustrated that many Christians don’t see the bigger picture of the forces at play in “public policy” and popular culture. For example: 
1. One of these two presidential candidates is pro-abortion (even late-term); the other is at least verbally against. 
2. One has publicly stated that people of faith need to subjugate their moral views to accommodate changing societal norms and basically endorse the LGBT agenda; the other has pledged to defend the conscience of Christians (and preachers) in public life against these assaults. 
3. One has pledged to nominate Supreme Court judges who will advance an ungodly, liberal agenda which will become increasingly intolerant of everything Christians hold near and dear; the other has pledged to nominate “strict constructionists” who will stay true to the Constitution. 
In terms of the direction our country is going, I believe those three issues mean more to me as a believer than any other social issues currently being politicized. They influence righteousness and godliness (or lack thereof) in the public square more than any other pressing matters of our time. They will shape the country we bequeath to my kids and grandkids. If a Christian doesn’t want to participate in the political process on grounds of conscience, I’m fine with that, but if a Christian enters the voting booth and pulls the lever for Satan on those three issues (when there is a choice), then all the talk about “depending on God” becomes very hollow. In my mind, all of our actions should be consistent with our faith. 
The “powers that be” are pulling out all the stops to control the media coverage and get their candidate elected. Although I am not “for Trump,” I am astounded at the lopsidedness of the mainstream press coverage. One person’s “sins” (sometimes real, sometimes contrived) make daily headlines, while the other candidate’s sins (and damaging public policy positions) are almost totally ignored. I believe that, in the end, the country will get what it deserves. 
A few years from now, when the entire system crashes, or when good people are increasingly criminalized for merely acting out their faith, will God hold us guiltless when we saw the freight train coming and did nothing to stop it? Pray? Yes! Speak up for godliness and righteousness? Yes! Expose and actively oppose the tactics of the enemy, even when others are brainwashed and blind to the enemy’s “agenda”? Yes! In my mind, we must do all of these things. 
I love you, ___________.